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About Us

We Are Passionate About Growing Teams and Finding Rare Talent.

The Speedy Recruiter is a small, unilaterally focused team with one goal – To fill the open positions of our clients’ with the best talent, as quickly as possible. We don’t stretch ourselves thin with an overzealous plan, instead, we focus on what we do best, connecting top talent with exciting teams and innovative products.

The Speedy Recruiter was founded by Chase Woolard, a well-connected startup recruiting strategist with a proven track record of high-level placements at VC-backed teams ranging from stealth-mode to IPO. We strive to be the antithesis of the recruiting as usual methods that have existed for a generation, and still persist even in our age of technology, focus, and automation. Knowing a change was needed, Chase built out a service based product that was shaped to quickly grow teams with 11-200 employees as they scale up. Since launching in 2013, We have successfully placed hundreds of top level candidates across multiple verticals in the startup world. Using our proven process, each part tested and optimized in the world’s leading market, our mission is to now do the same in the many under-served venture communities that exist outside of the Bay Area.

Our Process

  • Job ad creation
  • Job ad posting to all relevant boards.
  • Marketing copywriting
  • Ideal candidate calibration
  • Strategy Planning & Documentation.

  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Major US resume databases
  • GitHub and other niche sites.
  • Rapid data aggregation software
  • Internal database

  • Emails
  • Social media
  • Inmails
  • Automated campaigns
  • Referral network
  • Phone
  • Slack/Skype

  • In depth conversations
  • Culture fit
  • Technical screening
  • Detailed presentations
  • Feedback templates and review automation.

  • Interview scheduling and coordination (all stages)
  • Candidate nurturing
  • Reference checks
  • Offer negotiation
  • Documentation
  • Candidate management.


The Speedy Recruiter specializes in startup talent sourcing

Some of our favorites include:

How it works

The Speedy Recruiter provides full cycle support all the way through the process up to and including interview scheduling,
background checks, offer negotiation, and more.

The Speedy Recruiter uses a consultative approach to recruiting. With a research intensive focus, we spend our time tirelessly scouring the internet for the top performers within the startup community. We do this by using every major US resume board, social media, data aggregation software, competitive analysis/targeting, and by leveraging The Speedy Recruiter’s massive and global resume database and professional network.

Because of our uniquely built, passive candidate targeted recruiting strategy, our clients enjoy rapid fire results and unrivaled customer service. Instead of having some overworked internal recruiter or a success fee hawk, you get high functioning specialists working simultaneously to uncover the top talent.
Every customer is given access to our intuitive recruiting software, which houses their specific job openings, applicant tracking stages, and candidate database for future targeting.

Our goal is always to identify and segment only the top 10 percent of candidates on the job market. We do this by providing multiple screening techniques and providing critical assessments of both skill and personalities when presenting them for review.

By the time a candidate makes it to our customers, they are completely ready for a face to face interview, having been fully screened and vetted. Every candidate presented is delivered with a full summary, updated profile, and assessment for quick screening and feedback delivery.

Because we work directly to champion your brand, and not to cash some inflated success fee, you are spared of the usual method of flinging any and all resumes that come through at a job until something finally sticks that so often happens with success fee recruiters. We focus on screening for culture first and skills second, with a belief that early stage teams must have high-level talent from the very beginning to thrive.

Because we target only passive candidates within the startup community, you get access to the real “A players” on the market, candidates that want to work for you and help build your venture into something truly amazing.

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